07 Aug 2017

Managing Zimbra Accounts with Apache Syncope

Written by mdisabatino

Have you ever thought about centralizing control with Apache Syncope of your Zimbra accounts?

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09 May 2017

Syncope via Spring Boot

Written by ilgrosso

Need to integrate Apache Syncope in your microservice architecture? Spring Boot comes to the rescue!

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28 Apr 2017

Apache Syncope with Flowable

Written by ilgrosso

Starting with 2.0.3, Apache Syncope provides native integration with Flowable BPM, the raising star of Open Source workflow management systems

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20 Apr 2017

Apache Syncope Enduser: Testing (part 2)

Written by mdicarlo

Following the first post on this topic - which introduced some testing tools for the Apache Syncope Enduser UI - this post will explain how test-driven development works

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19 Apr 2017

Apache Syncope Enduser: form customization

Written by apatricelli

Since Apache Syncope 2.0.3, a new feature is available to easily customize the Enduser UI's form

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06 Mar 2017

Spending February across Europe

Written by ilgrosso

From Pescara to Bruxelles, Porto, Helsinki and back to Pescara again: when Open Source IdM (also) means face-to-face meetings

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16 Feb 2017

Apereo CAS REST Authentication

Written by fabio

Configure Apereo CAS to submit authentication requests to a remote REST endpoint. Nothing to do with the native CAS REST API.

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11 Jan 2017

Apache Syncope 2.0: the new Log Viewer

Written by ilgrosso

The new Log Viewer allows to remotely inspect the log events occurring in the Apache Syncope Core

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