06 Nov 2014

Wordpress and OpenAM SAML Federation

Written by giacomolm

Small example on how to federate OpenAM with Wordpress via SAML 2.0.

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26 Oct 2014

The Open (Source) Identity Stack

Written by ilgrosso

Working on IAM you might have heard of the "Open Identity Stack": here's some Open Source alternatives

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11 Aug 2014

What's new in Syncope 1.2.0

Written by ilgrosso

1.2.0 brings enhancements in several areas: REST, workflow, notifications, resource management, ...

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05 Aug 2014

Getting started with Apache Syncope on Debian

Written by ilgrosso

The upcoming new stable version 1.2.0 brings - among a whole lot of new features - the availability of .deb packages for getting started with Apache Syncope on Debian or Ubuntu.

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21 Jul 2014

Managing Hippo CMS users with Apache Syncope

Written by mdisabatino

This post describes how to manage Hippo CMS users through Apache Syncope

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04 Jul 2014

Syncope Push and Matching Rules

Written by fabio

At last the possibility to synchronize data from Syncope towards external resources.

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28 May 2014

Apache Syncope at GitHub

Written by ilgrosso

Besides "official" resources GitHub shows interesting Syncope derivative projects

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08 May 2014

How to get SSO in HippoCMS

Written by massi

As you can imagine this post is about Single Sign On and HippoCMS. In particular, at the end of this post, we will be able to deploy Hippo CMS in Single Sign On in our environment.

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