02 Dec 2013

Apache Syncope 1.1.5 (Ad libitum) released

Written by ilgrosso

The Apache Syncope team is pleased to announce the release of Syncope 1.1.5 (Ad libitum).

This fifth maintenance version fixes few important bugs and introduces some interesting improvements: more details below.

Please follow these instructions if you are upgrading from 1.1.4.


  • [SYNCOPE-419] - Meaningless error message when attempting to delete user owning role
  • [SYNCOPE-423] - Improve notifications
  • [SYNCOPE-426] - UserService#update and RoleService#update require entity id to be specified twice
  • [SYNCOPE-433] - Counting search results fails with MySQL when OR condition is used
  • [SYNCOPE-434] - Users can log in the admin console despite of their status
  • [SYNCOPE-435] - Password not mandatory when subscribing external resource
  • [SYNCOPE-436] - Read-only virtual attribute values not retrieved from external resource
  • [SYNCOPE-437] - Wrong ID generation for new Notification instances
  • [SYNCOPE-440] - Timestamp based synchronization miss events


  • [SYNCOPE-420] - Provide user / role pre-processing mechanism
  • [SYNCOPE-422] - Improve audit info
  • [SYNCOPE-424] - Resolve OpenJPA dependency overlap
  • [SYNCOPE-427] - Add CSV report format
  • [SYNCOPE-431] - Provide debug logging for controller methods' input and output
  • [SYNCOPE-432] - Replace role action labels with icons
  • [SYNCOPE-441] - Index on Activiti table boosts overall performance
  • [SYNCOPE-442] - Use cached virtual attribute values with offline resources



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