27 Nov 2013

OpenIAM Identity Manager vs Apache Syncope - first approach

Written by massi

I've a keen interest in IAM solution also because I think that my first qualification is simply: IAM specialist.

Today, googling idm open source I noticed that the first result occurrence (also in paid search results) is openiam identity manager, so, out of curiosity, I decided to install it.

I spare you other words and get to the point: my goal was to glance at openiam identity manager to understand its potentiality, of course with Apache Syncope comparison.

First of all, there are two distinct versions of openiam identity manager, one called community edition the other called enterprise edition ( here the differences ) so I googled for community edition and found it on sourceforge servers. After download, I unzipped the zip file and found this:

apache-tomcat-7.0.39  doc  __MACOSX  schema  src  util  wsdl

First glance:

  • Noooooo: __MACOSX directory :) I don't like
  • Well: there is Tomcat so I can use directly standalone distribution to take a look at openiam idm
  • Great: doc directory

After first glance:

  • There isn't a standalone distribution, I have to install it; I don't understand the sense of it.
  • In doc directory there is only one pdf with three link: Installation Guide, Developer Guide and Support. The first link is wrong

Now, if I wanted to do the same thing with Apache Syncope I would have to download the standalone distribution here , unzip it and start the related Tomcat (just unzipped) following this bit of thought.

Other info on Ohloh

I hope to try OpenIAM IDM in a deeper way when I will have more time.


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