16 Jul 2013

Apache Syncope and Microsoft Shared Folders

Written by fabio

Shared Folders are used to manage shared resources over a network.

Users may specify folders to share with other computers on a network. All computers on the network, depending on settings, may view and possibly modify the shared folder's content.


Apache Syncope gives you the possbility to integrate Microsoft Shared Folders via PowerShell scripts by CMD ConnId connector .

The idea is to map each folder with a specific Syncope role in order to:

  1. load/sync shared folders to give a view on all the folders shared on the target resource;
  2. create/delete a shared folders via Apache Syncope console;
  3. create/delete shared folder permissions by creating/removing user memberships.

As usual, the main integration steps are:

  1. PowerShell resource configuration (as already described into Apache Syncope and PowerShell scripts post);
  2. PowerShell scripts development;
  3. "mapping policy" configuration between roles and shared folders;
  4. "mapping policy" configuration between memberships and shared folder permissions.

For more details, ask syncope@tirasa.net for support.


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