17 Dec 2013

Install ConnId Connector Server as a Windows Service

Written by mdisabatino

ConnId Connector Server is a component that handles ConnId Connectors bundles. When a Java Connector Bundle is not directly executed into Provisioning System (Apache Syncope), you need to use a remote Connector Server.

Provisiong System is responsible for managing the profiling of users and roles, and use the Connector Server through the bundles to comunicate with the remote resources.

To install a Connector Server you must perform the following steps:

  1. Download from Connid Git Repository
  2. Go to directory ConnId
  3. mvn clean package
  4. Copy connector-server-zip/target/connid-connector-server-java-X.X.X.zip to remote host
  5. Unzip connid-connector-server-java-X.X.X.zip
  6. Create a bundles directory in the new directory - C:\connid-connector-server
  7. Copy the connector bundle .jar to the bundles directory
  8. Edit other properties directly in the conf/ConnectorServer.properties file.
  9. Set environment variable CONNECTOR_SERVER_HOME=C:\connid-connector-server
  10. Go to C:\connid-connector-server\bin
  11. Install the Connector Server as Windows service .\ConnectorServer.bat /install
  12. Check if the serivice is created (Administrative Tool Services)
  13. Configure your service (for example "Start automatically")
  14. Start service

Otherwise you can run the ConnId Connector Server manually:

java -cp "c:\connid-connector-server\lib\framework\connid-framework.jar;c:\connid-connector-server\lib\framework\connid-framework-internal.jar;c:\connid-connector-server\lib\framework\groovy-all.jar" org.identityconnectors.framework.server.Main -run -properties c:\connid-connector-server\conf\ConnectorServer.properties

Your Java Connector Server is running. Enjoy :)


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