11 Jan 2017

Apache Syncope 2.0: the new Log Viewer

Written by ilgrosso

Watching the logs is one of the most necessary, tedious and neglected tasks of system administration, with relevant importance for DevOps too. For several reasons, in fact, error reporting at (web) application level is often too much constrained by UX to be of any use for the people who needs to understand what is actually happening, imagine and possibly provide a fix.

In our experience with development support for teams building their own IdM infrastructure on Apache Syncope, there is a typical scenario:

  1. Customer: Hey, X does not work.
  2. Tirasa: Are you sure? We have thoroughly tested X in different environments and under various conditions: what can you see from the logs?
  3. Customer: which logs?
  4. Tirasa: the core logs, what can you understand from them?
  5. Customer: oh, and where are the files located?
  6. Tirasa: ...

Since most people is normally accessing the Syncope features via Admin UI, we thought that it was just cool to provide a handy tool for the purpose: after all, with reference to the architecture, the interesting feature was to allow inspecting log content without requiring physical access to the server running the Apache Syncope Core application. Far from negligible, indeed.

You can see the brand new Log Viewer at work in the video below. Enjoy.



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