05 Jul 2013

Linux 3.10, the Radeon flicker-stopper

Written by ilgrosso

Yesterday my dearest Siduction made me dist-upgrade to latest Linux kernel 3.10.


I must admit I was a bit afraid at first (you know, running a kernel sooooo recent on a Debian box always smells "atypical"...) but I was confident enough in the GRUB power to take the risk.

After reboot, first an unpleasant surprise (broadcom-sta not working, reverted to less reliable brcmsmac for my BCM43224), then a long-running problem suddenly solved: my external VGA monitor, piloted by Mobility Radeon HD (using the Open Source radeon driver), configured for extended desktop under KDE, was not flickering.

For anyone not owning a PC equiped with Mobility Radeon HD, this is a known problem affecting almost any operating system (just google for that and will get plenty of matches from Winbloat sites), that could be somehow alleviated on GNU / Linux only by using some old version of ATI proprietary drivers (as Ubuntu does).

...but not anymore, now that Linux 3.10 is around: great job guys, keep rollin'!!


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