17 Jul 2013

Remember: hardware comes first

Written by ilgrosso

My work companion is still the good old HP Envy 14 1100 that I wrote about a while ago: it is getting old after 2 years and a half, of course, but Linux helps me keeping it young.

Naturally, my distros (Ubuntu for a stable environment and Siduction for staying on the Debian cutting-edge) always have some issue with unsupported hardware - it's the FLOSS Vs manufacturers refrain everyone already knows about.


In the last week this was getting worse in every day because of the very high temperature (~100°C) often reached by my poor CPU involved with daily job: Chrome, Thunderbird, Firefox, VirtualBox, Skype, Empathy, Dropbox, Everpad, Netbeans and, of course, many Java server processes hanging around.

Overheat CPU => slowliness everywhere, bad graphics, frustration...

I have spent the last days in googling, finding several issues related to overheat CPUs and Radeon display cards under Linux, trying new kernels, Open Source drivers, proprietary drivers, different desktop environments until... the light: a smart guy saying somewhere

"Dude, are you sure this is a software issues? Couldn't it just be too much dust in your fans?"

...then it was: remember, hardware comes first.


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