20 Apr 2017

Apache Syncope Enduser: Testing (part 2)

Written by mdicarlo

Following the first post on this topic - which introduced some testing tools for the Apache Syncope Enduser UI - this post will explain how test-driven development works

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19 Apr 2017

Apache Syncope Enduser: form customization

Written by apatricelli

Since Apache Syncope 2.0.3, a new feature is available to easily customize the Enduser UI's form

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11 Jan 2017

Apache Syncope 2.0: the new Log Viewer

Written by ilgrosso

The new Log Viewer allows to remotely inspect the log events occurring in the Apache Syncope Core

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10 Oct 2016
31 Mar 2016

Tale of a Twitter-based review

Written by ilgrosso

The uncommon chance to reply to an old review with fresh content. Via Twitter.

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23 Feb 2016
04 Nov 2015

The new Apache Syncope CLI client

Written by massi

If you are following the Apache Syncope dev mailing list you have seen different commits for the CLI admin tool. In this post we will discuss what the new client does and whish are the most useful features (of course from my point of view).

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26 Oct 2014

The Open (Source) Identity Stack

Written by ilgrosso

Working on IAM you might have heard of the "Open Identity Stack": here's some Open Source alternatives

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